Where Do They Find Them

I am sitting here watching the National Geographic Channel with a show about conpiracy theorists that say we never landed on the moon.
The bulk of the program focuses on these two mouth breathers that insist that the Apolo missions were a giant hoax put forth by the NASA and the CIA. How come whenever you get these so-called experts, they seem to be living on the outskirts of normal society.
One of these guys was a former rocket scientist and is now living in the desert at his cat sanctuary. His claim is that the CIA has attempted to kill him to keep him from telling his story. Shortly after that he claims that the Astronauts didn't board the Saturn V rocket because they didn't want to risk the Astronauts' lives. This is preposterous. If the CIA was willing to kill him to keep him quiet, do you really think they cared about the Astonauts more. If you look at it fully, if they didn't have the Astronauts on board, and Apollo blew up on the pad, don't you think that the CIA would have ahd to kill the Astronauts anyway to keep the story quiet. You know, you can't have a supposedly dead hero be seen walking around the streets of Palm Beach!
There is one individual, Marcus Allen, who is a magazine publisher  that doesn't strike me as some swamp person that shows up at the local Wall-Mart after 10:00 in the evening. My only thought on this is that this is a smart business man. The longer he can keep this conversation going, the more magazines he can sell.
The theorists try to use the photographs taken as evidence that the shots were staged on earth on a set in Area 51. The first thing these geniuses point out is that there are no stars in the photos. Well, I challenge them to use any type of film and manage to capture stars in the background of a portrait of someone properly lit from the front on the darkest night of the year. This will never work, film only has a limited dynamic range and no mater what you do to the exposure, you will never capture those stars in the background. In fact, amateur astro-photographers, use CCD sensors that are more sensitive than the film used  require agregate exposures in the relm of hours to properly image the heavens. The other evidence they point to is that shadows do not appear to be coming from the same light source because they aren't parallel. Well professor, I guess you've never tried to take a picture of a tall building by pointing your camera towards the top. The result is known as converging lines. This is due to the object being photograghed is not parallel to the plane of the film.
I think it's time for these people to crawl back in their holes, take their meds and reline their hats with aluminum foil. I'm not going to go into all the facts here, all i can say is to visit http://www.clavius.org/ or http://www.badastronomy.com and you'll get all the details.