Additional photos

Yes, it was facinating to watch the demolition the first day (Thursday); first the roof is taken off, then the guys started to saw the walls down and would push sections off the second story to the ground where the pieces were placed in a dumpster. Anything that could be recycled, was removed and put onto a trailer for transportation.  Shots of the house were done with my Canon digital camera.

The second day I was hit with a wave of emotion - to see the remaining bits and pieces of our lives mixed in with the debris was not something I wanted to watch any longer. I took some shots with my little digital pocket camera and left.

The third day (Monday) the demo guys had only the wood floor above the basement remaining.  There it would be collapsed into the basement, then a backhoe would dig out the pieces and put the debris into a dumpster. Again, anything metal was recycled. The appliances from the kitchen had been removed, the metal storm doors, the aluminum frames of the windows, copper pipes, radiator covers, the metal racks from the basement all were loaded onto the trailer and taken for recycling.