Things are a Movin'

We're really movin' and there's no stopping now.

A week and a half ago we did our visit to Haven Homes and we were very happy with what we saw. I shot a batch of photos here. Everything is well constructed and they actually allowed us to go down on the production floor to get a closer look at their workmanship.

We had met with our builder at the factory and started to look at our choices available for the finishing touches on the house. It's amazing how many decisions need to be made. The only thing we don't need to decide is the interior colors. the manufacturer primes the walls. In reality, they finish the wall with real interior paint. I haven't figured out why they say prime but it isn't.

This past weekend, we visited a house that Gary was finishing off in Rumson. This house was stick-built, but gives us a good idea as in regard to his attention to detail. On top of everything, this house was built in three months, which is pretty much unheard of. The owners were there and they expressed that Gary was incredibly easy to work will and very accommodating. This visit sealed the deal for us.

During the visit to the Rumson house, we found out that our schedule is getting accelerated. It turns out that the client of Gary's that was ahead of us in the queue to get into production will need to file a variance with their town. This will allow him to put our house into their slot at the factory and removing about three weeks from out project plan.

The last detail is that we are still waiting on our financing to clear. The final paperwork will be going into the underwriters tomorrow and we should have an approval by Wednesday.

I feel like we have covered allot of ground in the last week or so. It's nice to keep this forward momentum going.